My Favorite iPad Apps

A lot of friends are getting iPads and asking me what my favorite apps are. I use my iPad for 3 main things:

  • Web Browsing
  • Reading
  • Games

Here are my favorite apps for each of these uses.

Atomic Web Browser – This browser has a tone of features that utilize the additional iPad screen size better than the built-in browser.

Kindle – By far my most-used app.  I was worried that the iPad screen would be less comfortable than the eInk on my Kindle DX, but to my pleasant surprise, I can read for many hours on the iPad without a problem.  Given that Kindle on the iPad is so much faster than the DX, I don’t have any reason to use my DX anymore.  I love reading Kindle books on my iPad.

GoodReader – Great for reading PDFs.  And it syncs with DropBox.  Just drop a PDF file into your DropBox and then open it with GoodReader on your iPad.  Best way to transfer/read PDFs.

WordBook XL – I think this is the best English dictionary app for the iPad.  It’s based on WordNet and the UI is good.  I tried a bunch of other dictionary apps before this one, and liked this one the best.

Construction – The best game I’ve played on the iPad.  The objective is to build structures out of a limited set of materials.  Challenging and fun.

SuperJuicyHD – A fun puzzle/action game that involves popping bubbles.

Mirror’s Edge – A fun side-scrolling action game from EA that uses touch-screen gestures in a creative way.

Rush Hour – A great sliding-block puzzle game.

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